Quest for cappuccinos part due (Italian for 2)

IMG_1733Once again we search for Nashville’s most Italian cappuccino. I am passionate about this! I need to find my Italian cappuccino here in Nashville. I miss it. I need it. And so would you if you knew the delicacy that is the Italian cappuccino. So we are off on our search. This week we go to Nashville’s very own Bongo Java, Revelator and Fido, three of Nashville’s most go-to coffee shops.

Bongo Java was our first location. We (I and a friend that was in Florence with me) walked in and immediately loved the vibe. It is quieter, but still talkative. The people are nice and know their stuff about coffee. This location sits right across the street from Belmont University. So I walked up to the counter and ordered a cappuccino. Easy and simple. I received it, went outside and sat down to drink. Being honest, it was not great. In my opinion there was not enough milk, and the coffee was severely bitter and almost earthy tasting. So I did not find the Italian cappuccino there.IMG_1732
Then we went to Fido. Fido sits in Hillsboro Village and is just a couple doors down from the infamous Pancake Pantry. It is a
lively atmosphere with lots of family and friends gathering around good food and coffee. Once I got there I realized that the coffee company was the exact same as the IMG_1741coffee at Bongo Java. So I immediately judged it, but each coffee shop and each barista makes the cappuccinos differently. I will not lie– the cappuccino was still not the best and not what I would have hoped for. The coffee was not as earthy tasting as Bongo Java, which was nice, but still the bitterness was too much. I have yet to find my Italian cappuccino once again.
The next shop was Revelator Coffee Company. This is right across the street from Fido in Hillsboro Village. We walked in, and it was very chic, clean and studious. I was automatically in love; a very Italian vibe. So I ordered a cappuccino and quickly realized this is as close as I will get. It was sweet, not too bitter, but still contained a substantial coffee taste. It was the exact size of an Italian cappuccino and hadIMG_1739 the exquisite taste to fill the cup. I would fully recommend this place if you want a bit of the Italian coffee taste.

I believe that I will always try the cappuccino at any coffee shop I go to, but Nashville has one we know of for sure. Revelator is the winner. I would say always go to Nashville’s coffee shops and try something new. Comment below and let me know of your favorite coffee shops in Nashville or in your hometown. Also take this poll and let me know what types of coffee you prefer most. And we will IMG_1737see you again next time for another Italian adventure in Nashville.

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3 thoughts on “Quest for cappuccinos part due (Italian for 2)

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about coffee shops. I also really liked how honest you were about the coffee tasting bad.


  2. I’ve only been to one coffee shop in Nashville outside of the Starbucks on campus. I went to The Frothy Monkey early on in the year and thought that it was the cutest thing ever. I love the feel and vibe of every coffee shop that i have been too.


  3. This is really interesting! I like the adventure of the search you went on. I don’t like coffee, so unfortunately I don’t have any other suggestions for you to try. However, I do love Italian food, so I’m interested to see what you search for next.


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